Dental Business Customer Service Scripts:
1. How to talk to patients about Insurance Benefits.

2. How to talk to patients about Cancellations and Broken Appointments.

3. How to talk to patients about Treatment and Financial Arrangements.

4. How to talk to patients about Scheduling and Treatment planing.

5. How to talk to patients about their Statement and Payment of their account.

6. How to communicate with patients by telephone and email to create your brand of excellence.

7. Building a customized Front Office Procedural Manual to standardize patient interactions
1. How to fill out and file claims using CDT codes, CPT codes and ICD-10 diagnostic codes.

2. How to decide which code best describes the treatment and how to combine with other codes for full reimbursement.

3. How to create powerful narratives from doctors clinical notes.

4. How to appeal even the most difficult claim and get the full payment you deserve.

5. How to talk to patients about their benefits as it appears on their EOB and statement.
Dental insurance coding and narrative training
1. Newsletter articles customized for your newsletter/ ghost written in your name.
2. Blog content for your personal blog written to your style/ghost written.

3. Professional letters of any kind for any situation: patient letters , welcome letters, staffing letters, thank-you letters, appeal letters, announcements, flyers, brochures.

4. Articles to submit for publication in your name on the subject you choose.

5. How to create a detailed business report from software systems in your practice.
Professional writing services customized to your practice
Writer, LLC
Belle DuCharme,
Professional Speaker and Seminar Presenter
  1. Coding and Appealing Dental Insurance Claims
  2. Building Positive Relationships via Telephone and email
  3. How to Speak to Patients about their Treatment Plan and Financial Arrangements and Insurance
  4. How to Code for Dental and Medical Claim crossovers-The basics of ICD-10 codes
  5. How to create SOAP notes and Clinical narratives that get your claims paid

Seminars are 3 to 4 hours in length.

Contact me for prices and details.
Training Meetings and Seminars