What are scripts?
Imagine attending a play at the theatre when no one has rehearsed or learned the lines of the play. Unless you are watching people with great skills at impromptu the “play” would have no plot, characters or meaning. When your staff doesn’t know what to say to patients there is a huge disconnect in meaning and intent.

Scripting is putting carefully chosen thoughts to words before you speak them. Scripting responses to common occurrences in businesses builds great, positive communication in customer service and sales to patients and clients. Scripting also builds your brand and establishes your business as professional and knowledgeable.
Right now the best way is to contact me by e-mail or phone to let me know what types of communications you want. I will then provide you with a price based on the number of scripts or the total words contained in the scripts.

Scripts range in price from $250 to $350 for a set of three subjects (maximum of 1500 words for all three scripts). You may chose any three subjects for the package.

We will soon have a variety of scripts available for purchase from my web site.
How do we order your scripts?
Normally my articles will be 500 to 750 words on the subject matter that you choose. Any facts or research sources will be identified to get the proper acknowledgement. I have a two week turn around in most cases but can have an article prepared within two working days if necessary.

The typical price for the custom written article ranges from $275 to $325 depending on the content and complexity and must be paid in advance before posting to your web site (or published).
If I want you to write an article for my company newsletter what should I do?
Belle DuCharme,
Do you customize scripts for specialist practices?
Yes, I have clinical and business management experience in Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Pediatric Dentistry and Periodontal / Oral surgery. I have been writing customized scripts for practices for twenty years.
Why do you need scripts?
Scripting puts the entire team on the same page so that great patient/customer care can be standardized and then improved as needed.

Scripting is not meant to be a crutch for considerate thought but used as a tool to understand the components of excellent positive communication exchange. Writing what you are going to say to ensure that you are going to deliver your intended message will ensure communication success.

Scripting is commonly used in the training programs of most fortune 500 businesses today especially when creating whiteboard animation training videos.

Think, write, and polish before you speak using professional scripted responses.