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Practice Potential for 2019
Bring on the new year to new improvements and positive change.

As a dentist CEO or business manager of a dental solo or group practice, you know that it isn’t always easy to figure out why your practice hasn’t reached its full potential. You look at your production numbers, your new patient numbers and your collection numbers and all three areas are weaker than they could or should be.

Self help can be a welcome bandage on a wound, but you must attend many seminars and read many books to be able to understand what to do first because everyone will have a different opinion as to what to “fix” and how to bring about change. Getting your team onboard to initiate some changes to how things have always been can be challenging. Each dental practice has its own DNA and because of that each needs a customized approach to improving the critical practice numbers.
Most of my writing in the last 16 years has addressed the problems that are common and current in most dental practices: broken systems and or lack of systems that are necessary to the success of the team. Changing team members by firing and hiring is not the answer when it is a faulty system in the practice and not so much the employees. Ongoing team training to polish current skills and build new ones is always important. As I build on my site, I will be adding some great information in the form of articles, blog, webinars and podcasts, so stay tuned.
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Welcome to my site

My name is Belle DuCharme.

My goal is to provide excellent content in my training materials that you can apply to your dental practices immediately. As a writer and editor for publications representing the dental profession, I search for the best information that can serve practices from the inside out.

I have been happily involved in many aspects of the dental profession for more than 4 decades and my passion for making dental practices a fun and profitable place to spend your career is my driving force.

My career in dentistry started in clinical as a dental assistant and then into expanded functions as a surgical assistant and an orthodontic assistant. Always great with patient care I sought to learn about the business functions of dental practices and continued my schooling in business and marketing.

Learning about this amazing profession has never stopped for me and as I study the newer technologies and multidisciplinary forms of dental care I decided to start up my own dental training and coaching services for those who share my passion for dentistry.

The world of public speaking opened up to me years ago and I have had the opportunity for the last eleven years to speak nationally and in Canada at various dental conventions, seminars and events representing McKenzie Management, Dental Consulting.

For the last fifteen years I have worked with respected consulting companies as an independent contractor providing written business training materials, published articles, published scripting training, and work as an advisor and coach to many practices.

I hope that you will join me in my quest to make dental practice your career and passion, whether you are at the business desk, in management or in clinical as a dentist, assistant or hygienist there will always be room to perfect your work with patient care and business knowledge.